Pafsoft Picture Downloader Tutorial 1

Download all pictures in one page.

Step 1: Getting start address

Open your web browser and enter the address "". There are four pictures in this page as shown in the following figure.



Step 2: Create a new project.

Run Picture Downloader. Press the "New" button on Main Toolbar. "New Project Wizard " dialog will be started.


Step 3: Set the project config.

Paste the url address ( to Starting URL(s) Edit, then click the "Next" button.


Select "Download pictures on the start page " , then click "Finish" button.




Now, your project started. After a while, you will get 4 pictures.


  • Picture Downloader 1.4 is Released.
  • Picture Downloader 1.3 is Released.
  • Tutorials updated
  • Picture Downloader 1.2 is Released.
  • Picture Downloader 1.1 is Released.
  • Tutorials updated
  • Picture Downloader 1.0 is Released